ROC'n Meal Deal

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Check out our ROC'n Meal Deal!

1 Omega VRT350HD Juicer
1 Spiralizer
2 Sets of ROC'n Bamboo Utensils (our color choice)
2 Glass Straw (our color choice) 

Have a complete meal every day--even have enough to share with your family and friends! Time to get healthy!

The Omega VRT350HD is one of the BEST juicers on the market: a slow, masticating juicer is pefect for EVERYTHING, from greens to beets and everything in between. All of that with a 10-year warranty on ALL PARTS. Whoohoo!

The spiralizer is perfect for making delicious raw noodles. Just dress with your favorite blended dressing and dig in!

The bamboo utensils are wonderful for EVERY meal. Included are a fork, spoon, knife and chopsticks! Colors you might get include hijiki, pumpkin, mulberry, indigo, avocado or agave. All utensil sets are also inscribed with our Rawfully Organic logo so you can spread the good news wherever you go! 

The glass straws are the perfect way to round out this ROC'n Meal Deal. Our 10-inch, wide-mouthed straw is great for juices AND smoothies and works with any jar of your choice! Also etched with our ROC logo and available in green, teal or amethyst.

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