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Use this amazing tool to make the most delectable zucchini and cucumber noodles! You can also use many other harder fruits and vegetables (carrot, sweet potato, apples, etc.) to make more noddles or ribbons. Fun and easy to use--it's a great way to get kids invovled in making dinner... just be sure to supervise as the blades are very sharp! 

Comes with 3 sets of blades: 1/8-inch spacing, 1/4-inch spacing and straight blade for ribbon cuts. Simply place vegetable or fruit on the prongs and turn the wheel while pushing the base toward the blade. All parts are dishwasher safe which make clean-up a breeze! Made of a very durable plastic so it can withstand daily use but is also light and easy to move around if need be.

This tool is PERFECT, whether you are FullyRaw, high raw, gluten-free or simply want to add more greens in your belly and bring more fun to the dinner table! This tool is a must in your kitchen!

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